Welcome to Mastering The Art and Craft of Writing:
Straightening Out the Stories - Polishing Up the Plots.

This is a free on-line course and competition (because what could be more fun than learning and winning?) From March 2022 to February 2023, we'll be exploring both story structure and plot patterns.
Story structure is based on the patterns of underlying events that take place in a character's story line that unfold in chronological order; plot pattern has to do with how a story is told and the order in which the sequence of events is narrated.
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This course/contest will give you a better understanding of how language can help you to find more fulfilment in life, to find more meaning in it, and to live life more flowingly … in harmony with story. Enrol now.
Every month

To encourage you to try your hand at giving things a go, and to encourage you to engage with the particular tools of writing, I'm offering you the chance of entering a competition. Each month, I'll be sharing a picture by the talented illustrator, Carol Michelon, who has provided illustrations for the new book of writing exercises I'm working on which this project feeds into. Each month, we'll be exploring a theme to do with writing. I'll then share an exercise related to the theme - a sample from my forthcoming book.

Why am I doing this?

I hope we'll have the opportunity to learn from each other as we go. Everyone will have the chance to help others who want to improve their writing skills. By joining in, you'll get a learning experience and a chance at winning prizes; I'll get the opportunity to test out some exercises that I'm planning to include in my forthcoming book, see how they work in practice, and find out from you what you find most challenging, and which exercises are most useful in helping you out in those areas. The result will hopefully be a resource which will be useful for others out there who face similar challenges with their own writing. And I'm keen to develop new exercises and find solutions for particular challenges or things you find difficult to master in your writing - whether at the level of story structure, or at the level of plot pattern.
Every month our esteemed judges - authors in their own right - will award prizes, including copies of my books, Amazon gift cards, and a chance at a free consultation.

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Upload your submissions here and share them on social media with the hashtags #unknownstoryteller #carolmichelon #leonconrad #artandcraftofwriting.

Only submit new original unpublished work which must show creative engagement with the theme. Evidence of engagement with the published exercise(s) is a plus, but not essential for being shortlisted.

We'll be looking for the best or most creative representation of the concept taught in the lesson. What we're also looking for most are original writers. Writers we've never read but when we do, we feel as though, yes, we do in fact know them. All writers and styles are welcome. The more creative, the better.

By entering this contest, you give us the non-exclusive right to publish your story on line. Copyright remains with the author.

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