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Laws of Form

Since its first publication in 1969, the book has become something of a cult classic. It outlines a powerful content-free calculus based on a single act of making a distinction. From there, Spencer-Brown traces the path the universe takes to come into being, in and of itself, in order (as he argues) to know itself.
The free 15-part on-line course presents a close reading of the main body of the book and goes through it chapter by chapter, theorem by theorem, consequence by consequence, looking at the proofs step by step, expanding and explaining the shorthand references Spencer-Brown presents in the elegant but minimalistic main body of his work.
LoF 50
There are many academics and researchers who are keenly applying and building upon George Spencer-Brown's work. To celebrate the 50th year of its publication, a conference was held in 2019, in which we shared and discussed our findings and research. The conference informed an on-line exhibition and typography project at West Den Haag.
My own research project
The Unknown Storyteller
I was fortunate enough to become George Spencer-Brown's last student. I got to know him in the last three years of his life. At first, he mentored me weekly, taking me through Laws of Form, following which we developed a meaningful friendship which lasted until his death. It has taken over 5 years to refine my research into a new methodology to analyse how story 'stories'.
To learn more about my research and keep informed about forthcoming publications, please join my Unknown Storyteller Facebook page and group. I currently offer courses in the methodology on line and on request via Edurouter

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