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Helping You Bring Out The Best You that You Can Be

Vocal Power, Eloquence, Presentation Magic

I've helped numerous CEOs, speechwriters, heads of department, current and aspiring team leaders, and other professionals develop and harness the power of their voice to become more effective communicators and leaders; and many hesitant speakers improve their elocution skills, vocal power, public speaking, and presentation skills.
Voice Training
Take your vocal skills to the next level and become more effective at communicating in both the workplace

Lesson Length: 3 x 1-hour sessions
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Through a range of techniques I can help you overcome the challenges that come with public speaking, helping you to effectively deliver your message

Lesson Length: 6 x 1-hour sessions
Accent Softening / Elocution Training
Ideal for anyone, whose second language is English and wish to refine their accent or for those who need to refine their pronunciation.

Lesson Length: 10 x 1-hour sessions

Story-based Presentation Design Consultancy
Apply the secrets of story structure to your presentation design and learn the skills that traditional storytellers use to engage audiences.

Typical Lesson Length: 10-20 x 1-hour sessions, varying by client, spec, and project. Contact Leon for further information.
For more information regarding prices, time frames or specific services, please get in touch via email or the telephone and we can book a free telephone or on-line consultation to best assess your needs and discuss in detail how I can help you. Let's find out what the best, most cost-effective course of action is for you so you can achieve your goals and be the best you that you can be.
  • Akshay Joshi
    "It was absolutely wonderful to witness the session with you yesterday. The benefits of the offering are unquestionable."
  • Stephen Kirwin
    Consulting Engineer
    "The course was excellent. You learn not only about your voice, but your self. It made me aware of the misuse of my voice. It has made me completely rethink my vocal abilities."
  • Robin Lawrence
    Company Director

    "I found the course enjoyable, entertaining and intriguing. To understand how voice production is achieved opens another interesting facet to life. It certainly give's one's confidence an extra edge."
  • Chris Bemrose
    Management Consultant
    "The course helped me to speak with more confidence and get my points across more effectively. It was also good fun. Thanks."
  • Daphne Tonna-Barthet, Marketing Communications
    Air Products Ltd
    "Following training, I am thinking more broadly about how I come across and about creating a relationship with the audience."
  • Ysenda Maxtone Graham
    We had to stand … and read. Just as I had launched into a high-pitched and breathless rendition …, Leon stopped me, tipped my head a few inches downwards, and told me to start again. The effect was miraculous: out came a smooth, creamy and audible sound, which was greeted with encouraging murmurs by the audience. This for me was a marvellous and enlightening glimpse that made the course worthwhile.

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