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The Unknown Storyteller Project
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Signed Limited Edition Hardback
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"Beats Joseph Campbell at his own game."
Simon Heywood, University of Derby

"Genius approach ... Does for story what Foucault did for history."
Alexander Tsigkas, Democritus University of Thrace

"... breathtakingly simple and yet profound ... a powerful tool"
Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer's Journey

“A scholarly and intricately detailed analysis of the writing process.”
Joan Singleton, screenwriter/producer
Aesop the Storyteller:
A Book of Fables
Retold in Verse
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Odyssey - Dynamic Learning System:
An Innovative Approach to Inspirational Learning Experiences
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History Riddles:
A Treasure Trove
£11.99 + P&P
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Online Publications
All the articles listed are free to read online
Travellers and Tricksters – Categories and Being (PDF)
The Unknown Storyteller (PDF)
Laws of Form - Laws of Logic - ANPA 2016 (PDF)
Journalism and Human Rights: Bringing Light and Right Right into Being (PDF)
Integration and the liberal arts: A historical overview (PDF)
Riots and Rhetoric
Coaching: the Training of the Future?
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